Projekt 143

The area of ""the Ossiacher Lake is the junction of the horizontal and vertical world - water and steep walls of the surrounding mountains. Our intervention deals with how to connect these two different phenomena. the surface of the existing pier is used as a basic element, which is repeated in three different ways. For the first time, as an independent pavilion, which connects a narrower area with the house of the architect Domenig Gunther and brings you into the space. With thin vertical constructing elements, reminiscent of cane in the water, it rises from the ground and creates a shelter. it frames the view on the water and surrounding countryside. The second element is oriented perpendicular to the water and allows direct contact with it - we are able to touch it. With a wall it creates a feeling of intimacy. The third part of the path represents the pier itself, as an unaltered element, which, with its construction, raises you from the water level. there, overlooking the horizon of water, you are pure and alone, able to stop, isolated from the rest of the world.

This path slows your body and mind, and prepares you for the Slow trail ahead.

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